Why are Programming Tutorials All Awful?

99% of every web development tutorial I have ever read/watched has been horrible. Why? Because, nearly every programmer, who makes a video or writes a blog post, forgets that there are dumb guys like me out there who need their hand held. When I started taking computer science courses in college, I was completely in over my head. I did my best to keep up, but, coming from a family that was always 10 years behind in the newest technologies, and that primarily believed that computers were a passing fad, I was at a big disadvantage.

Most tutorial videos out there assume that the people watching are fairly experienced programmers. I suspect many of them do this because they are self-conscious in their own programming abilities, and thus fear that if they over explain things, they will look like they find the minor steps of a project difficult. They will often say things like: “We can just skip over all these important configuration steps, because I’m sure you can figure them out on your own”. Well guess what, I could NOT figure out those steps, and you not telling me just cost me hours of my time researching the steps you left out!

Listen, I get that brevity makes for an easier to read/watch post, but when steps to a process are left out, novice programmers get completely overwhelmed and lose confidence in their abilities to do things. So, for the sake of dummies like me and novice programmers everywhere, please take the extra time to make your informational posts more rigorous. Tell the audience, if something is easy, they can skip that part, but make sure you tell your audience where they can go to learn the essential skills to complete the task at hand. You will boost their confidence in their ability to learn, and you will create a brighter and more hopeful future for developers everywhere.

This is my first blog post, and it’s kind of dumb, but I just wanted to get some content up here. Peace y’all!